Our Family Story

We believe boating is about family. That’s why we take pride in our family-owned company. Premier Marine is an independent business owned and operated by the Menne family since its founding in 1992. A Premier pontoon is a blend of the best in classic design, distinctive styling and superb engineering. We have refined the art of pontoon building and employ the best designers, architects, engineers and assemblers to ensure that our product is second to none. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship, practical design, new product development and continuous safety innovation sets us far apart from the competition and labels Premier as America’s ONLY premium, family-owned pontoon brand.

Salt-Ex™ Saltwater Package

As a continued leader in the industry, Premier is proud to be one of the select pontoon manufactures that offer optional packages tailored to the salt water boater. We offer the Salt Water Package, which includes Sacrificial Anodes, coated gate braces, lifting Strakes, performance sheeting, rough water nose cone and Premier SaltEx graphic. If your boat is in contact with salt water, remove it from the water after each use and flush it from top to bottom, inside and out with fresh water. Clean hardware and spray with a marine corrosion inhibitor every month or more often, if possible. Salt water can also affect the engine. Contact your dealer or Premier Marine for additional information about using your boat in salt water. DO NOT store boats on carpeted bunks or any other type of surface that can hold salt or any other chemicals near or on the surface of the boat. These surfaces WILL corrode and damage the boat. Sacrificial Anodes are required for salt water and help reduce the chances of damage to your boat. Call your dealer or Premier Marine with questions.