Dan’s Competitive Advantages

All Boat Dealerships Are Not Created Equal

We all want to get what we’ve paid for—and get a good deal. But at some marine dealerships, false advertising and inaccurate, and often dishonest, package pricing leave customers with far less than the boat they thought they’d bought. At Dan’s Southside Marine, we’re not in the business of making a quick sale at the expense of honest sales practices. We’re up front about our boats, engines, accessories, pricing and package deals, and will never sell you an inferior, unneeded or mismatched product just to make a sale. We want you to love your new boat and trust your dealership so you’ll be a lifelong—not one–time—customer.

Things to watch for when shopping for your new boat:

  • Trailer size. Most dealers will knowingly put your boat on too small of a trailer to look more competitive.
  • Use of non-OEM or OEM equivalent products. This list includes, but is not limited to:
    • Cheap aftermarket propellers
    • Inexpensive engine controls and cables
    • Fuel delivery systems
    • Oil lubes and filters (lack of even installing one is common)
  • Trailer brakes required on certain packages. For example: Tandem axels need dual axel brakes. This is often overlooked and is against the law.
  • Battery size. Not every engine needs an economy-sized battery. Larger engines require a larger battery to run complex EFI computers.


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